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The best real estate agents are constantly learning and improving their systems. Designed by the top real estate coaches, agents and teams in North America, these courses have been tested and proven by the best in the real estate industry.

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Progressive online courses

Icenhower Coaching & Consulting always updates our courses to see where they can be improved, and ensure they remain relevant in todays changing market

  • Extensive video training by Brian Icenhower, founder of Icenhower Coaching and Consulting and

  • Top rated workbooks that include detailed explanations, scripts, forms, scoreboards, checklists, graphics, tools and more - all downloadable for your future use.

  • At ICC we believe that people prefer to learn and retain information differently. Some enjoy watching videos, others would rather read, and many would opt to listen to training while on the go. These progressive online courses give you the choice learn by watching, reading, listening or any combination of these three learning styles.