Course curriculum

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    3. Welcome to Team Onboarding!

    1. VIDEO: How to Create a Real Estate Sphere of Influence List - PART 1

    2. VIDEO: How to Create a Real Estate Sphere of Influence List - PART 2

    3. AUDIO: How to Create a Sphere of Influence List - PART 1

    4. AUDIO: How to Create a Sphere of Influence List - PART 2

    5. WORKBOOK: How to Create a Real Estate Sphere of Influence List

    6. VIDEO: How to Set Up Your CRM

    7. Script: Update Database

    8. SOI Member Contact Form (fillable)

    9. Daily SOI Contact Form (fillable)

    10. SOI Call & Text Contact Cycle

    11. Script: Update Database & Direct Message

    1. VIDEO: Who Do You Know

    2. AUDIO: Who Do You Know?

    3. Workbook: Who to Put in Your SOI

    4. Who Do I Know From These Industries? (fillable)

    5. QUIZ: Module 2 Part 1

    6. QUIZ: Module 2 Part 2

    7. Module 2 Action Steps

    1. VIDEO: How to Contact Your SOI

    2. AUDIO: How to Contact Your SOI

    3. Workbook: How to Contact Your SOI

    1. VIDEO: Create Your SOI Contact Plan

    2. AUDIO: Create Your SOI Contact Plan

    3. Workbook: Create Your SOI Contact Plan

    4. Sample Contact Plans

    5. Sample Plan #1: The Basic

    6. Sample Plan #2: Giving to Get

    7. Sample Plan #3: Social Butterfly

    8. Monthly Mailer Topics

    9. QUIZ: Module 4

    10. Module 4 Action Steps

    1. VIDEO: Get Uncomfortable

    2. AUDIO: Get Uncomfortable

    3. Workbook: Get Uncomfortable

    4. The Comfort Zone PDF

    5. Action Steps

About this course

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  • 252 lessons
  • 15.5 hours of video content

What's included

  • Video Training

    In-depth professional video training on every module, presented by the author, Brian Icenhower.

  • Written Modules

    Detailed and downloadable written modules with detailed graphics, scripts, spreadsheets, forms, and so much more.

  • Support

    We provide support for you throughout your training; reach out to our client care team at [email protected]

  • Action Steps

    At the end of each module, Action Steps are provided, giving you a springboard to start applying what you learned right away.

The roadmap to a successful onboarding

Team Onboarding teaches the strategies and tactics used by successful real estate organizations to onboard agents joining a team. It offers a proven path to success and includes essential checklists, onboarding procedures, training calendar, and materials.

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Brian Icenhower


I designed Team Onboarding to get new agents joining a team up into production quickly. In this course, we do it two ways.

First, you will learn how to generate and convert leads from potential customers looking to buy or sell a home that you don't know. You'll learn all the top methods with the highest conversion rates so you can generate business right off the bat.

Second, you will learn how to generate business from your own personal sphere of influence (SOI). These are the people you already know. You will learn how to build your book of business, and as it grows over time, so you will find more and more business coming to you as you progress year by year.

This course, which is over 30 modules long, will help you develop your business in those two healthy ways at the same time, so your own book of business is diversified. 

Along the way, you'll receive training on other essential topics, like time management, buyer and seller lead conversion, negotiations training, and mindset training.

You'll learn all of these skills and tools (and more) that a new agent should learn to get them into production and selling real estate extremely quickly.

Get into production quickly.

One of the biggest challenges about starting out on a real estate team for the first time is the lag between starting on the team and getting into production. This course will accelerate your progress and allow you to get into production much more quickly, which will help you thrive as a new member on your team.