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    1. How Realtors Build a Client Pipeline During the Coronavirus Crisis

    2. The Coronavirus Real Estate Market Shift

    3. Realtor Ideas to Help their Communities During the Coronavirus Crisis

    4. Coronavirus- COVID-19's Impact on the Real Estate Market

    5. How Realtors can Manage Expenses in the Coronavirus Crisis

    6. Real Estate Video Conferencing Best Practices

    7. Selling Shelter in Place with the No 1 Team in San Francisco

    8. 6 Key Elements to Surviving a Recession

    9. How Realtors Conduct Virtual Showings

    10. How to Conduct Virtual Listing Presentations for Realtors

    11. Listing Homes in Lockdown - The Virtual Listing Process during the COVID-19 Crisis

    12. A Lead Generation Plan for REALTORS During the COVID-19 Crisis

    13. How Realtors can Pivot to Shift Practices during the Coronavirus Crisis

    14. REALTOR's Putting Community First - A 100 Agent Townhall Mastermind Session

    15. How to Market Safe & Virtual Real Estate Listing Services during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    16. The Best Realtor Marketing Videos for Virtual Real Estate Services

    17. Real Estate Press Release Ideas & Templates

    18. Real Estate Farming Ideas to Farm an Entire City

    19. How to Build a Real Estate Team that Lasts

    20. Real Estate Buyer Presentation - The Virtual Consultation Process

    21. Realtor Sphere of Influence Scripts to Contact your Database

    22. Realtor Video Ideas for Social Media

    23. Father's Day Client Appreciation Events for Realtors

    24. Unique Virtual Client Appreciation Event Ideas For Realtors

    25. PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator

    26. Real Estate Branding Ideas for Agents to Help Their Communities

    27. The Coronavirus Real Estate Impact – COVID 19’s effect on the Real Estate Industry

    28. Promoting Virtual Broker Open Houses Using Social Media

    29. Virtual Real Estate Listings – How REALTORS Conduct Virtual Consultations

    30. Realtor Client Appreciation Events After COVID

    1. Coronavirus Based on Behavioral Style

    2. Coronavirus COVID-19 email _ letter template for Sphere of Influence

    3. Disaster Unemployment Assistance Form

    4. Local Restaurant Gift Card Giveaway

    5. Editable - Now Offering Virtual Home Tours Stay Safe

    6. Scholarship Announcement

    7. Share Your Business With Us Social Media Graphic Template

    8. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Template

    9. Virtual Home Buying Program Infographic Template

    10. Virtual Showing Social Media Graphic Template

    11. Spring Art Contest Social Media Graphic Template

    12. Front Porch Decoration Contest Social Media Graphic Template

    13. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Social Media Template

    14. Thank You Doctors and Nurses Social Media Template

    15. Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest Social Media Template

    16. Spring Cleaning Checklist Social Media Template

    17. Quick Real Estate Recovery Market Predictions Graphic

    18. Now Offering Virtual Showings Postcard Template

    19. Daily Quarantine Questions Social Media Template

    20. Client Appreciation Spring Coloring Contest Packet

    21. So, How's the Market? Social Media Template

    22. Front Porch Portrait graphics, poster and social media graphic

    23. Housing Market Infographics for Social Media

    24. Housing Market Infographics for Social Media Part II

    25. Did You Know - Deferment vs. Forbearance

    26. SBA PPP Forgiveness Calculator

    27. Coming Out of COVID Email Template

    28. The Best Real Estate Coach Tips for Coming Out of Covid 19

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Welcome to the completely FREE online course for Realtors during COVID 19. This course is a huge resource to real estates agent during this pivotal time. Along with advise on how to pivot your business, we provide you with examples of what marketing pieces to use. We will help you get your message out that you can still provide SAFE and EFFECTIVE real estate services.

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No matter where you are, you should continue to have a business generation mindset. I want you to realize that applies to all of you. It does not matter which political party you are affiliated with, and there’s no social appropriateness here. Just because we’re trying to generate business does not mean in any way that we are disregarding public safety. 

- Brian Icenhower