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    In-depth professional video training on every module, presented by the author, Brian Icenhower.

  • Written Modules

    Detailed and downloadable written modules with detailed graphics, scripts, spreadsheets, forms, and so much more.

  • Audiobook

    Since real estate agents are always on the move, your training must be too. This course provides a professional downloadable audiobook.

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    Gain access to the Ebook, included free with your enrollement.

  • Certification Available

    Receive a printable certification and badge to put on your email or resume upon completion. CAM - Certified Administrative Manager

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get Started Here

    • ADMIN eBook

    • ADMIN Audiobook

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  • 2

    Module 1: Introduction

  • 3

    Module 2: Understanding job roles

    • Module 2: Understanding job roles

    • Job Roles for Admin Staff

    • The Solution Triangle

  • 4

    Module 3: The Administrative Manager

    • Module 3: The administrative manager

    • The Administrative Manager: Creating structure

    • Sample Weekly Calendar

    • Active Listing - blank (fillable)

    • Sample Buyer Inventory

    • Daily Contact Form (fillable)

    • Sample Year-to-Date Check-Up Form 1

    • Sample Year-to-Date Check-Up Form 2

    • Lead Tracking Sheet (fillable)

    • Sample Pending Inventory Pipeline

    • Sample Scoreboard 1

    • Sample Scoreboard 2

    • Year-to-Date Check-Up Form (fillable)

    • Active & Pending Inventory Lists (fillable)

    • ICC Team Scoreboard (fillable)

  • 5

    Module 4: The Listing Manager

    • Module 4: The listing manager

    • The Listing Manager: From listing to contract

    • Listing and Pre-Listing Checklists

    • Listing to Contract Checklist

    • Pre-Listing Checklist

    • Seller Lead Sheet

    • Assistant's First Call Checklist

    • Assistant's First Call Checklist (fillable)

  • 6

    Module 5: The Transaction Coordinator

    • Module 5: The transaction coordinator

    • The Transaction Coordinator: From contract to closing

    • Buyer-Seller Checklist

    • Active Listing - blank (fillable)

    • Buyer Closing Checklist

    • Buyer Inventory

    • Buyer Lead Sheet (fillable)

    • Listing Inventory

    • Pending Contracts - blank (fillable)

    • Pending Inventory Pipeline

    • Seller Closing Checklist

    • Buyer and Seller Checklists (fillable)

  • 7

    Module 6: The Marketing Director

    • Module 6: The Marketing Director

    • The Marketing Director: Building your real estate business

    • Buyer Closing Checklist

    • Client Event Contact Plan

    • Listing to Contract Checklist

    • Script: Contacting past and existing clients

    • Pre-Listing Checklist

    • Seller Closing Checklist

  • 8

    Module 7: Your Sphere of Influence

    • Module 7: Your sphere of influence

    • Your Sphere of Influence

    • Team Scoreboard

    • Graphic: The SOI Core

  • 9

    Module 8: Creating the Ultimate User Experience

    • Module 8: Creating the ultimate user experience

    • Creating the Ultimate User Experience

    • Policies and Procedures Handbook

    • First Day Welcome Orientation Checklist

    • First Quarter Checklist - Admin - alternate

    • Editable First Day Welcome Orientation Checklist

  • 10

    Module 9: Conclusion

    • Module 9: Conclusion

    • Above and Beyond

    • Leader vs Manager

    • Production Growth Budget Schedule

    • Staff Self-Performance Appraisal

    • Sample Team Annual Business Plan

    • Editable Blank Business Plan

    • Editable Blank Action Steps

Immediate Takeaways and Course Features

This course includes downloadable assets so you can immediately put what you learn into practice. As with all of our ICC Online Courses, helpful features like quizzes and action items at the end of each module are built-in to help keep you on track with your learning.

  • CHECKLISTS for listings, open houses, closings etc. Active Listing Checklist, Sample Buyer Inventory, Daily Contact Form, Lead Tracking Sheet, Listing and Pre-Listing Checklists, Listing to Contract Checklist, Assistant's First Call Checklist, First Day Welcome and Orientation Checklist, First Quarter Checklist, and more.

  • SCOREBOARDS to track success and editable forms to document everything. Sample Scoreboards and fillable ICC Team Scoreboard.

  • RESOURCES for new hires, including orientation templates and policy and procedure handbook templates. Sample Weekly Calendar, Sample Year-to-Date Check-Up Form, Sample Pending Inventory Pipeline, Active and Pending Inventory Lists, Seller Lead Sheet, Client Event Contact Plan, Policies and Procedures Handbook, Staff Self-Performance Appraisal, Blank Editable Business Plan, and more.

  • SCRIPTS for the administrative assistant. Contacting Past and Existing Clients Script, and more.

  • OPTIONS for how you learn best. Each module provides a downloadable PDF chapter as well as a featured video of Brian Icenhower, teaching the topic at hand. At the beginning of the course, you are also provided with a full audiobook to listen to. So however you learn best -- we have an option for you!

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Brian Icenhower


Having someone back in the office helps agents amplify their sales potential. They can focus on generating business, following up on leads, conducting appointments, and writing offers/negotiating contracts -- all things that create more income. 

This nine-module course not only identifies the four key roles of a real estate assistant, but it also breaks down the precise workflows when serving as a listing manager, transaction coordinator, marketing director, and administrative manager. 

Whether you’re an agent learning how to train your assistant, an assistant looking for your own training process, or you’re both reading through these materials together, this course provides the explanations and concrete examples of best practices in real estate offices so you don’t have to.

Make administrative tasks easy

Whether you’re an assistant or a solo agent, systematizing adminstrative processes will increase your efficiency. This course gives you the strategies, tools, and techniques to master administrative processes so your agents are free to focus on generating, nurturing, and converting leads.