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    Course Materials

    • Text: Optimizing open houses

    • Video: Optimizing Open Houses

    • Resource: Your Next-Level Contact Plan

    • Script: Buyer MLS Listing Alert

    • Script: Seller Lead Auto Email Drip

    • Resource: Open House Prospecting Activities

    • Script: Open House Neighbor Invitation

    • Script: Open House Pre-Listing Appointment

    • Script: Open House Circle Prospecting

    • Script: Open House Guest List

    • Script: Open House Guest List Editable

    • Script: Follow-Up for Neighbors/Leads

    • Resource: Open House Feedback Form (Printable)

    • Resource: Positive Need Affirmation Sandwich (Fillable)

    • Graphic: Open House Timeline

    • Open House System Checklist (fillable)

    • Open House System Checklist (editable)

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Turn Open Houses into Open Prospecting

Discover the techniques Top Producing agents use to optimize their open houses and generate new listings by prospecting around Open Houses.

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Brian Icenhower


Are you ready to learn how to use one of the cornerstones of the real estate business to kick your prospecting process into high gear?

Out of all the people who come and go during an open house, the only ones who really matter are the ones who might end up making an offer, right? 

Think again! An open house isn't just about selling one home--it's about so much more than that, including cementing yourself as a professional, making connections, and getting a foot in the door with potential new clients who may be buying or selling soon. In this condensed course, you'll learn to tie customer service to lead generation, and you'll find out firsthand why everyone who walks through the door of an open house is a potential prospect. Don't miss out on great business opportunities when they're right at your doorstep! This course will teach you all the skills you need to start making the most of your open houses--what are you waiting for?