What Makes Our Business Plan different?

We get specific and walk you through the entire process. You'll learn:

  • How to build a single page business plan

  • How to define your “Number One Goal”

  • What 3 Strategies you need to Focus on to get to the One Goal

  • How to prioritize and implement

  • Steps for success for Solo Agents as well as Teams

Planning Made Easy

This course takes the mystery out of real estate business plan and guides you through the entire process. It includes information for both solo agents and teams.
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Planning Made Easy

Course curriculum

Goals at a Glance, Team Structure, and Budgets

  • 1
    • A message from your instructor
    • Before you start...
    • Next Steps ...
  • 2
    Webinar Replay of the 1-3-5 Business Plan
    • Business Planning 2020 Webinar Replay
  • 3
    Introduction to Business Planning
    • Introduction and Course overview
    • ICC-Business-Planning-Guide
  • 4
    Module 1 The Scoreboard
    • The Scoreboard
    • The ICC Scoreboard
    • ICC Production Tracker
  • 5
    Module 2 The Organizational Structure
    • The Organizational Structure Chart
    • Expansion Team Organizational Structure
    • Large Team Organizational Structure - Hybrid
    • Large Team Organizational Structure - Traditional
    • Midsize Team Organizational Structure - Hybrid
    • Midsize Team Organizational Structure - Traditional
    • Small Team Organizational Structure
  • 6
    Module 3 The Budget
    • Production Growth Budget Schedule
    • Production Growth Budget Schedule Fillable
    • Production Growth Budget Schedule
  • 7
    Module 4 The Single Page Business Plan the 1-3-5
    • 1-3-5 Single Page Business Plan
    • Blank Annual Business Plan fillable
    • Team Annual Business Plan-Sample
    • Solo Agent Annual Business Plan-Sample
    • ICC-Business-Planning-Guide
    • 1-3-5 Word Doc Editable
  • 8
    Module 5 The Schedule and Conclusion
    • The Schedule and Conclusion
    • Daily Schedule for Realtors
    • Personalized Schedule Fillable

Designed for All Learning Types

  • Video Training

    In-depth professional video training on every module, presented by the author, Brad Baldwin.

  • Written Modules

    Detailed and downloadable written modules with detailed graphics, scripts, spreadsheets, forms, and so much more.

  • Customized Plan

    Use an icon and text to communicate the value proposition and share the specific benefits of your offering. What makes it unique in your market?

Plan for success

Turn your ambitions into reality. Build the successful real estate business you deserve!

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