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    The Seller Lead Conversion Process

    • The seller lead conversion process

    • Part One: Overcoming common objections

    • Part Two: Getting answers

    • Part Three: The pre-listing packet

    • Part Four: The kitchen table consultation

    • Seller Lead Sheet

    • Quiz: Module 8

    • Action Steps

  • 3

    Seller Lead Conversion Role Play Videos

    • The Listing Consultation Script

    • Objections about Finding a Home to Buy Before Listing

    • Scripts for Listing Consultation Objections about Price

    • Urgency Objections

    • Overcoming Objections about Paying a Commission

  • 4

    Listing Consultation - Bounus!

    • Price Reduction Graphic

    • Listing Consultation

  • 5

    Pre-Listing Consultation Video Scripts & Examples

    • Pre Listing Consultation Video Scripts

    • Pre-Listing Video #1 Script

    • Pre-Listing Video #2 Script

    • Pre-Listing Video #3 Script

    • Pre-Listing Video #4 Script

    • Pre-Listing Video #5

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The Seller Lead Conversion Process

The hyper-focused content in this condensed course will help you quickly master the techniques top producing agents use to convert leads into listings. You'll learn to assess seller needs, guide them through the right conversations, and say the right thing at the right time to seal the deal.


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